To The Editor:

Violence, social discord and political turmoil fill the pages of American media, but rarely are humanitarian efforts discussed. One such effort is right here, where the Afghan Circle of the Hudson Valley continues to welcome, resettle and integrate Afghan refugee families into out towns. Since March, our all-volunteer Circle has directly supported two desperate families, finding adequate housing, furniture, food, clothing, health insurance, school and summer camp for the children, English classes for the adults, even drivers licenses and vehicles for their appointments and jobs, and much, much more. And with the amazing generosity of our neighbors, we managed to raise the necessary funds to do so.

Our Circle, has also worked with a number of regional Circles to facilitate the resettlement of other Afghan families who’ve been stranded across America after fleeing the Taliban in August 2021. These exiles had no Circle to help them and ran out of money, on the verge of losing their temporary shelter when we came to the rescue. Our Circle was able to string together the efforts of seven different volunteer organizations (with no government help, thank you) to move families from flea-bag shelters in CA and VA to safe havens here and across the country. It is only with the good-heartedness and generosity of Americans that these daunting efforts are possible. So, despite all the bad news, people can contribute to some concrete good in the world. For more information as to how to help, please reach out to us. We could use some more direct assistance as well as more good news.

-Harv Hilowitz
Founder, Afghan Circle of the Hudson Valley
Stone Ridge, NY